BMSC, while undertaking Motorsporting activities, also provides professional services to Companies in involving themselves with Motorsport and using it as a Medium of Advertising, which delivers huge coverage in terms of being right on the Road with branded cars, besides the usual Print / Electronic media coverages who will cover the interesting and eye-catching events as Motorsport interests people from all age groups.

Sponsors can get maximum mileage out of the above event as this event can be organized in any big ground, as it’s a closed Off-Road circuit. The event, being of special Motorsporting nature will attract huge crowds and will provide ample space for advertising.

Each participating car will have three competition number stickers which will also bear a sponsoring company’s product / brand logo.

A sponsor may even put up banners / hoardings / branding on and around the Race track.

Lastly, there will be tremendous media coverage.


Technical Aspect [nggallery id=9]


The entire technical aspect will be our responsibility. This includes :

  A) Circulating the regulations.

  B) Fabrication of competition number stickers for the competing cars.

  C) Fabrication of official t-shirts/ ponchos or caps.

  D) Fabrication of award shields/ trophies for the winners.

  E) Fabrication of pole banners and banners to be posted at the Track.

  F) Informing prospective participants about the event.

  G) Receiving / checking the entry forms.

  H) Developing the closed circuit race track.

  I) Scrutineering the participating vehicles.

J) Marshalling and running the event. The entire cost of running the event will be to our account.

  K) Computing the results.

  L) Distributing the Media releases.

  M) Organizing the Prize distribution ceremony.

  N) All technical personnel (e.g. Judges, stewards, etc.) will be selected by us and all the costs will be incurred by us.

  O) We would also do our best to promote the event.

Safety Measures


⇒ All vehicles will be scrutinized prior to event for their fitness and documentation.

⇒ Helmets are compulsorily to be worn by all Drivers and Co-Drivers. (BMSC will also keep Safety helmets at the event).

⇒ Seat Belts in participating Cars are mandatory.

⇒ For any types of accidents or incidents (God forbid), Ambulances with all first aid facilities, Doctors, Fire fighter vehicles will be on Stand-by at the site of the event.