‘Bangladesh Motor Sports(BMS) is the only Motorsports organizer of all kinds of Motorsporting events in the country since 2006, dedicated to promote Motorsports and Automobilism in Bangladesh. BMS is all set to give Bangladesh the taste of all kinds of Motorsport events and take the country in the International Motorsporting scenario. BMS will organize various events like Rallycross, Inter-city Rallying, Autocross as hardcore Motorsport events and on the other hand, will also look forward to organize Semi-Motorsport events like ‘Motorkhana’, testing Driving skills, ‘Treasure Hunt’ for families involving all members of a family in the car for a fun-filled day and adventurous Multi-day ‘Great Escape’ events, taking the participants to places of Great interest / Tourist Destinations.BMS, while undertaking Motorsporting activities, also provides professional services to Companies in involving themselves with Motorsport and using it as a Medium of Advertising, which delivers huge coverage in terms of being right on the Road with branded cars, besides the usual Print / Electronic media coverages who will cover the interesting and eye-catching events as Motorsport interests people from all age groups.